Simulation of Components from the Environmental Control System

Author: Mathieu Kwiatkowski



The aim of this project is to create a part of the Functional Library of the Environmental Con-trol System (FLECS). It means especially to simulate in the most accurate way, thanks to the software MATLAB/Simulink, the working of an airplane air conditioning system. Such a system is obviously quite complex and can be divided in several subsystems, like temperature control, pressurization control, and moisture control systems. This project focuses on the simulation of the cabin temperature control system. First of all, it defines the basic blocks like mixer unit, trim air valve and cabin blocks which constitute a first part of the cabin temperature control library. Then it develops the multi-compartment cabin temperature control model using the blocks built up previously. To get realistic results, parameters like heat capacity of the equipment inside the cabin, or passengers presence, which completely alter the dynamic of the system, have to be taken into account. It enables also to see the influence of each parameter on the regulation. However, this survey which is only a first step in the global FLECS project, aims at explaining more the way to build up the system structure using MATLAB Simulink than to constitute an accurate air conditioning system model. For industrial use, the accuracy of the model must be improved yet with a deeper study of different factors.