Research, Analysis, Evaluation and Selection of Tools for a Completion Center

Author: Etienne Hueber



This report covers the selection process of tools in order to meet the needs of a Completion Center. The areas covered by this study are design and engineering, data management, quality management, documentation and resource management. The majority of tools which provide assistance in these domains are known as Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The case study considered is a medium sized engineering office, looking to establish itself as a Completion Center. The corresponding tool selection is based on different criteria which fit to each category of tools. The results show that a range of different tools needs to be adapted to the entire set of requirements throughout the process chain. Tools must be able to communicate and sometimes be linked to each other. All the management tools (for data or resources) have to be configured and customized according to the company needs and the CAD solution used. The report also investigates possible solutions for additional issues, such as writing technical documentation, using 3D scanners for reverse engineering or using tools certified under Configuration Management II. A catalogues of tools, briefly describing each meaningful tool, is presented in the appendix.