Extended Range Operations with Two-Engined Aeroplanes

Verfasser: Stefan Ebel

Theoretische Arbeit nach 11 (3) Ziffer 6 der Prüfungsordnung.


ETOPS (Extended Range Operations with Two-Engined Aeroplanes) is the acronym to describe the operation of twin-engined aircraft over a route that contains a point further than one hour's flying time, at the approved one-engine inoperative cruise speed, from an adequate airport. ETOPS regulations are applicable to routes over water as well as remote land areas. Recent ETOPS regulations have been made possible by modern reliable twin-jet aircraft. ETOPS regulations provide very high levels of safety while facilitating the use of twin-jets on routes which were previously restricted to three- and four-engined aircraft. The rules permit operators to manage their resources in a more efficient way. The report explains ETOPS regulations and shows how to obtain operational approval for ETOPS. Airlines need to prepare their ETOPS operations carefully. Special dispatch requirements and on-board flight crew procedures exist for ETOPS flights.