PhD Project Description for Ramachandran, Karunanidhi, M.Sc.

Interactive and Experience-Driven Aircraft Design

Purpose of this task is to supplement traditional Preliminary Aircraft Design with a computer-based, interactive and experience-driven approach. The task builds upon Aircraft Sizing pushing the level of detail. It is done
  1. by providing more geometrical details to major aircraft components like fuselage (with cabin), wing (with high lift devices), empennage (with elevator and rudder) and landing gear and
  2. by calculating domain-specific design parameters related to aircraft mass, center of gravity, stability & control, drag and costs.
Research questions: What straightforward approaches work to include aircraft design experience into computer tools? Which method works best to acquire more detailed data for each aircraft component and domain? How best to organize data and the graphical user interface in this case? What are the detailed parameters of a highly efficient aircraft (case study)?

Value: With higher level of detail, aircraft designs from universities will be more influential in the scientific discussion.