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How to ... Write for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Create Article Impact with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As an author, you can dramatically improve the chances of your article being downloaded once it's online. Your work has to be done before you submit your paper!

There are four easy steps you can take to ensure your article enjoys high usage:

  1. Title: Choose a descriptive title.
  2. Body: Make sure, key words and key phrases of your research area are in the article. Add keywords to those in the title, use synonyms and add acronyms.
  3. Abtract: Write an informative abstract with important keywords.
  4. Keyword Section: Use appropriate keywords.


0. An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By choosing descriptive titles and keywords, you are ensuring that your article can be easily found through search engines. Search engines use complex algorithms to determine what weblinks appear high on the list of results. The better your keywords, title and abstract are, the higher your article will appear on search engine results lists, and the more your article will be downloaded.
Wikipedia: SEO


1. Title: Choose a Descriptive Title

Good examples: These titles make sense as sentences; they introduce the content of the article and contain the main words and phrases that readers will search on.


2. Body: Use Appropriate Keywords (not only) in the Body of Your Text

Another Resource:
Have a look at Google's AdWords keyword tool to find the keywords that are the most popular in searches. However, just because a keyword is popular, doesn't mean it is right for your article. Only use relevant keywords to ensure a researcher isn't misled.


3. Abstract: Write an Informative Abstract

The abstract is the main place that a search engine will take the data from which determine where your article should place in its results: Image: First sentence of abstract visible in Google search

The abstract is also the shop window for your research:

Don't overuse keywords and damage the integrity of your research. You should still write naturally. Google can detect abuse of this so there's no need to include a certain keyword more than once or twice in your title or more than three times in your abstract.


4. Keyword Section: Use Appropriate Keywords in the Keyword Section

See above under (2.) how to select keywords for your keyword section (placed in the article under the abstract). Keywords in this place are more important for the reader and the library than for Google.


5. Key Points

  1. Your title should include the key terms from your research.
  2. Choose an intelligent list of key words and key phrases for the body of your text.
  3. Use keywords also in your abstract in a natural way. Repeat important keywords.
  4. Choose an intelligent list of words and phrases for the keyword section.
You may want to offer to the journal (if accepted and used by the journal):


6. More Information

Watch the video to this text:
Video: SEO

From Wikipedia:
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