The History of READ/RRDPAE

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READ (Research and Education in Aircraft Design)
was called up to 2008
RRDPAE (Recent Research and Design Progress in Aeronautical Engineering and its influence on education).
It is a travelling seminar in Central and Eastern Europe and shows a very similar format if compared to EWADE (European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education) which has also travelled to the east as far as Brno (Czech Republic) and Samara (Russia).

Since READ/RRDPAE has so far no central homepage, this page tries to link to the webpages and to central information from READ/RRDPAE. Doing so should inform EWADE participants about READ/RRDPAE to pave the way towards the co-located EWADE and READ in 2016 in Warsaw as discussed during EWADE 2015.

READ 2016 (12)
Warsaw, 12.-14.09.2016
(Archived by WebCite at

READ 2014 (11)
Vilnius, 15.-17.10.2014
Programme (PDF)

READ 2012 (10)
Brno, 17.-19.10.2012
(Archived by WebCite at

READ 2010 (9)
Warsaw, 28.-30.06.2010


RRDPAE 2008 (8)
Brno, 16.-17.10.2008
(Archived by WebCite at

Presentation: The Role of RRDPAE (PDF)

An article with title "A Short History of Seminars on 'Recent Research and Design Progress in Aeronautical Engineering' and its Influence on Education" was published in 2007 in the journal "Aviation": (PDF)
(Archived Version)

RRDPAE 2006 (7)

RRDPAE 2004 (6)

RRDPAE 2002 (5)

RRDPAE 2000 (4)

RRDPAE 1998 (3)

RRDPAE 1996 (2)

RRDPAE 1994 (1)

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